Competition Repertoire :: Jazeps Vitols International Vocal Competition ::

Competition Repertoire

Round I (must not exceed 20 minutes in duration. If the time limit is exceeded, the Jury has the right to stop the performance) – 4 pieces:

Aria from a 17th or 18th century opera, cantata or oratorio;

One of the following songs by Jāzeps Vītols (transposition of songs is allowed):

Aizver actiņas un smaidi (lyrics by J. Poruks), Bakhanteņu dziesma (lyrics by Aspazija), Biķeris miroņu salā (lyrics by J. Poruks), Jūras meita un saules vainadziņš (lyrics by E. Stērste), Klausies, spulgacīt! (lyrics by E. Zeibots), Laimīte (lyrics by K. Jēkabsons), Laimīte zaļumos (lyrics by F. Bārda), Man prātā stāv vēl klusa nakts (lyrics by Valdis), Mana kokle (lyrics by M. Johansons), Maria (lyrics by A. Brigadere), Mirdzas dziesma (lyrics by Aspazija), Orhidejas sapnis (lyrics by F. Bārda), Piano (lyrics by K. Skalbe), Pie tava augstā baltā loga (lyrics by J.Poruks), Sapņu tālumā (lyrics by Aspazija), Satumsa nakts (lyrics by A. Saulietis), Smejošie ūdeņi (lyrics by A. Frīdenbergs), Tevi mīlēju (lyrics by J. Purkalītis), Vējš (lyrics by K. Skalbe), Zvaigznes (lyrics by J. Jaunsudrabiņš), Zvejnieces dziesma (lyrics by F. Bārda);

A song by a composer from the participant’s home country;

An aria from a 19th or 20th century opera.

Round II (must not exceed 30 minutes in duration) – 5 pieces

Extensive aria from an opera by V. Bellini, G. Rossini or G. Donizetti;

Two songs of participant’s choice in different languages (German, English, French, Russian chamber music);

Aria from an opera or classical operetta, chosen by participant;

Aria from a contemporary opera (20th, 21st century).

Round III

Two opera arias; one aria may be repeated from Round I (position 4) or Round II (position 1).

1. All pieces must be performed in original languages;

2. Pieces may not be repeated, except the one aria in Round III;

2. All pieces must be performed from memory;

3. All scores for Round III (orchestra voices, etc.) should be coordinated with the Organizing Committee before April 1, 2015. Participant must provide orchestra scores for pieces that are not available at JVLMA and/or LNO libraries.